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witches brew - live recordings

witchew brew

microscopisch | earth | macrodreams | weit entfernt anwesend | komplettbetrachtung

esther - maria sack - sacksophone ; robert sack - gitarre, trompete, vocal ; stephan hendrix - keyboards ; gunnar hess - percussion, digeridoo ; kai lemke oder kai goertz - bass ; thomas frisch - drums

dialog mit einem gasometer mp3file

soloperformance (september 2005)

at october 1st the gasometer at kokerei hansa was supposed to be detonated. this building is more than 100 meter high and the material is metal. i was very honored to be invited to play a soloperformance. it was the one and only evening for public to enter a this location. this extraordinary event was organized by the "kulturverein kokerei hansa" for me it was an unforgettable performance!

harijan mp3file

robert sack - programming, concept, guitar. i am playing on four tracks solo.

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wasser[traum] suite part III mp3file

this part of a new suite was composed for my gallery project in cooperation with robert sack. he also plays the guitar and the bass on the part. (rec. 2000)

green wind mp3file

the banff connection 1998 (rec. luscar studio, banff center for the arts, canada)

this composition of mine is named by mark adam and chris jennings during our stay in banff. at nights the northern light was offering us a performance of breathtakenless beauty....

the banff connection featuring chad geekie at the piano. check out his awesome solo!

out of reach mp3file

the banff connsection 1996 (rec. luscar studio, banff center for the arts, canada)

this piece is a studiorecording performed 1996 at the banff centre for the arts, canada. featuring adrean farrugia piano, janice finlay alto, chris jennings bass, mark adam drums and myself on tenor sax.

beatrice mp3file's time for jazz...!


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