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keith copeland, drummer, nyc - germany

christopher dell, vibraphonist, composer, cologne/germany

viola engelbrecht, trombone, piano, arrangements, composition

giovanni von essen, vocalist, nyc

christina fuchs, reeds, composer, arranger, cologne/germany

mauretta heinzelmann, violin, trombone, author, reikimaster

ulli juenemann, saxophonist, mainz/germany

christian kappe, trumpetplayer, muenster/germany

martin lejeune, guitarplayer, frankfurt/germany

kathrin lemke, saxophonist, bassclarinet, composer berlin/germany

peer neumann, piano, keys, berlin

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sasha, singer, entertainer

henning stumm, drummer, composer, teacher, nyc, usa

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sound : poetry : performance sounds like poetry

zebradonk, canada

florian zenker - christian kappe quintet


tierra records nyc, great jazzlabel!!

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banff centre for the arts:

sound : poetry : performance dirk huelstrunk

great database!!! it's all about jazz in germany!

it's all about jazz in germany!

photography | video - awesome fotographer! call him!!!!

tom potte, video journalist - documentary, video, dortmund happenings - avantgarde - lifestile - membership requested.

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e-commerce internetsolutions

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sound blocking cabines for music and media

..."check out my corner at the fleamarket at ebay have fun... !!!" the search for extraterrestrial intelligence! be part of it!!!

fonts und gifs

please check out a great site to get fonts as freeware for noncommercial use like I used for this site at

great site to get fonts as freeware for noncommercial use

fonts and gifs as freeware freeware!!! freeware!!! animated gifs!

useful links

absolutely MUST: great site!! www.trainingtools.coM

home and cooking great database!!! just type in the items left over in your fridge and it will generate some great recipies!!! really cool! (german page)

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